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Jupiter Miao Miao

You have arrived to My Jupiter World!!!

Welcome to "My Jupiter World" ... 
We shall be your tour guide for the day ... :) Hope you will have a wonderful experience at our world ^^..
Firstly,Let us show you what kind of world is this .....My Jupiter World is a place where everyone can come and have a great time, because mostly all of our shopping malls are always having Non-stop Sales!!! All year round...(Bear: this law is set by Miao Miao because she a Saless "Kaki"... shhh..dun tell her i said that,ok?) and all the items sold here are imported from all different planets, quality ensured is gonna be like a "One Stop Stations" in the future[Bao Ka Liao](if u know hokkein)...
Next...we will show you how to move about in our world.. (Miao: LET ME SHOW THEM HOW!!! * Waves Hands frantically* ) Okay...then i shall pass over to Miao Miao...
Miao: Okay guys...its so simple and easy ...hehehe...just look at the tabs above.. the 1st one MJW means our whenever you wanna come back to the front page , just click MJW and "tada"!! you are back home again.. :) isn't simple?? and then...the 2nd one would be "Tour",which means back here :p 3nd one will be "what's Hot" no no ...this doesn't mean you gonna get all sweaty or you'll faint under the hot sun..this is a place where we will always update our special events or which are the HOT DEALS of the month .... The 4th one will be my personal favorites, "Order Now" this is the place where you will get to Order whatever you want in this World!!! aren't you excited ? I know i am!! To Have Whatever you want in this world~~ haaaaaa~ (Bear: phsss..Miao! everyone is still waiting for You..*Smiles and nods*) ohh...hehehe..lets continue, the next one will be our "Rules" in My Jupiter World, this basically tells you what to do and not...follow by our "customer's feedbacks" if you loves our services you can lets us know from there,also you can let us know on how and what we need to improve in this world...Next would be "Lost" if you have no idea where you are and you have many questions about this world,then you come here. Next would be "VIP & Member's benefits" inside here shows our member and VIP programs , is a MUST GO ya...After all your shopping,I'm sure you'll look for the cashier ,and here would be the place "Payments & Postage".... Last but not lest "Contact us" if you wanna reach out to us directly....Yeah!! I'm done...back to you Bear Bear!
Well... that was nicely, lets us not waste your time anymore...we shall let you go and start exploring "My Jupiter World" .... Oh and one last thing...Click "Follow" at the top right hand side of your screen so that you can follow us in our world and get all the latest updates on what is happening here!!

Enjoy your stay and have a nice Day ^^

By: Bear Bear & Miao Miao

The Creations of My Jupiter World
My Jupiter World is a World created by BearBear&MiaoMiao and they are the two main Jupitarian who sacrifice their time, sleep, movies, and….(the lists goes on and on ><”) to build this world from “Zero” to “Hero”. [God: Now u know how I feel when I “made” all of you.. :p ]
As 4.5 billion years ago, God created earth and life in this Vast space ……. But now, in this vast cyberspace, We (BearBear&MiaoMiao) Finally Created
“My Jupiter World”!! ^^
Our world is going to have lots of Shopping Malls and SALES SALES SALES!!! Hahahahaha!!! (Bear: Hey Wake UP Miao!! Your still on Blogger…) Oppss….Oh ya… :p hehehe.. as I was saying, its going to be a Happening Jupiter World ..WOoHoooo!!!

By: Miao Miao
About Bear Bear&Miao Miao
Bear Bear and Miao Miao is a loving couple who likes to spend all their time together, so that is why they created their own world to share their life together. Miao Miao is the very core of this world, and Bear Bear is her soils and atmospheres that protects her from harm and pollutions, because of her great gravitational pull towards her that enable Bear Bear to gather all the pieces in the Cyberspace and create a world like no other ~^.^~
We also love to Facebook-Restaurant city & Hotel City (yes..we do have internet connections that connect to earth :p) Have a strong passion for Food and what else?? Need I say more?? Yup!! You guess correctly.. Great deals “Saless Saless Saless!!!” ( that explains all the UFO sightings you earthling witness :p :p … hehehe )
Well…hope this helps you know more about us, and enjoy your stay at “My Jupiter World!!” Bye!!
By: Bear Bear
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