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About Royal Crown

Hello there earthlings.... Its time to share about "Royal Crown". Its a brand from Italy which is famous for its jewellery watches... Why is it so? many may ask...this is because [...]

How to wear your Buzz watches

Hi guys/gals!! Ever since our Buzz watches are selling like Hot Cakes...many customers has come back to us and ask..."How do I wear my leather belt watch?" Many may ask "WHY"??Because the belt strap is Unique... Okay, lets start! • Step 1 [...]

Casio Edifice

Casio Edifice EFE-500D, Specifications : * World time 29 time zones (29 cities), city code display, daylight saving on/off * 1/20-second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 23:59'59.95" Measuring mode: Elapsed time * Daily alarm [...]

About Balmer

Hello my fellow earthlings...its time to show you more of our treasure... Today's topic is about "Balmer" a well known Swiss Brand who need not further introductions.. Its sporty and stylish design is radical and [...]

About Rossi Valentino

The Watchmaker that created "Rossi Valentino" was Inspire by an Italian Professional Motorcycle racer and multiple MotoGP world Champion...Valentino Rossi. One of the most successful [...]

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世界唯一 日本畫家 用光繪晝 (Incredible light painting)

Jupiter Bear Bear Sunday, October 31, 2010

Harvard Polo Club (Half Ceramic - Couple)

Jupiter Bear Bear Thursday, October 28, 2010 , , , , ,

Check Out our Babies ^^

Our Babies ^^ Love em so much ...
HPC 5015LC-BLK-4 / 5015LC-WHT-1

Movement : Japan
Material : Ceramic & Stainless Steel with Sapphire Crystal Glass
Water Resistant : 3ATM

Normal Selling Price : RM479

Harvard Polo Club (Stainless Steel Men)


Check out more of our Harvard Polo Club watches :)

HPC 5007G-SS-1 / 5007L-SS-1 / 5007G-SS-4 / 5007L-SS-4

Movement : Japan
Material : Stainless Steel with Sapphire Crystal Glass
Water Resistant : 3ATM

Normal Selling Price : RM 359

Beverly Hills Polo Club(Stainless Steel Men)

Jupiter Bear Bear Wednesday, October 27, 2010 , , , ,

Here comes the Stainless Steel Collections ^^ Enjoy and leave some feedback on what you think about the watches :)

BHPC 7002G-SS-4 / 7002G-STR-SS-1

Movement : Japan
Material : Stainless Steel
Water Resistant : 3ATM

Normal Selling Price : RM379

Beverly Hills Polo Club (Leather Strap Men)


Long time no see... ^^ now we are back with a new look and a also welcoming our new Brand
"Beverly Hills Polo Club"

Movement : Japan
Material : Stainless Steel Casing & Leather Belt Strap
Water Resistant : 3ATM

Normal Selling Price : RM379
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