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Buzz The "Mechanique"...To infinity and beyond!!!

Jupiter Bear Bear Wednesday, August 18, 2010
[Miao: I didn't know that Buzz lightyear (from toy story) was a German Mechanic] *** INFO TIME*** Buzz is a space ranger from the Intergalactic Alliance and is stationed in the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4. He is the captain of the Alliance's Team. Buzz believes that following rules is the way people should live their life, and he is trained in several forms of martial arts and is a highly skilled warrior in hand to hand combat. Being in peak physical condition, Buzz makes a perfect space ranger and is an example to many ***
[Bear : No no no....not that Buzz ..., The Buzz I was talking about is  our Automatic watches, "Buzz Mecanique"] *** INFO TIME*** Yes, Buzz Mecanique is a brand from Germany,
renowned for its precision and technology, as Germany is also in the forefront of timeless masterpieces. The timely arrival of Buzz gives the discerning few a masterpiece that will be appreciated the passing phase of time. Buzz honor precision timing and adorns beautifully on the wrists of its masters or the lady of the house with  handcrafted quality, each with crafted with a defined mark and labeled to denote a sophistication in watchmaking at it finest.

Buzz automatic or self-winding watch is a mechanical watch, whose mainspring is wound automatically by the natural motion of the wearer's arm, to make it unnecessary to manually wind the watch. Which is similar to most mechanical watches sold today. (self-winding) The mechanism of most automatic watch movements is based on the hand-winding mechanical watch movement. To become automatic, the watch contains a semicircular 'rotor', an eccentric weight that turns on a pivot, within the watch case.
The normal movements of the user's arm and wrist cause the rotor to pivot back-and-forth on its staff, which is attached to a ratcheted winding mechanism. The motion of the wearer's arm is thereby translated into the circular motion of the rotor that, through a series of reverser and reducing gears, eventually winds the mainspring. Modern self-winding mechanisms have two ratchets and wind the mainspring during both clockwise and counterclockwise rotor motions.
The fully-wound mainspring in a typical watch can store enough energy reserve for roughly two days, allowing automatics to keep running through the night while off the wrist. In many cases automatic watches can also be wound manually by turning the crown, so the watch can be kept running when not worn, and in case the wearer's wrist motions are not sufficient to keep it wound automatically.

Lastly...Buzz Mechanique also comes with Sapphire Crystal Glass to protect itself from being scratch, a Wooden box to complement the watch, and an International warranty booklet

By: Professor Bear Bear


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