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Jupiter Bear Bear Friday, August 6, 2010
Hello there earthlings.... Its time to share about "Royal Crown".
Its a brand from Italy which is famous for its jewellery watches... Why is it so? many may ask...this is becauseof the stone that they used in the watches, they are all C.Z stones (Cubic Zirconia). [Miao: what are C.Z??] This is A good question ^^, C.Z is also sometime refers as "syntactic diamonds" they are men made, [mother nature: you guys got to give me some rest too] Its hardness is at 8.3 whereby is slightly lower then real diamond which is at 9...[mother nature: yes!! I still holds the record for making the hardest diamonds]

Not only that...Royal Crown also uses "Hearts and Arrows" cuts, whereby is a cut style used for Round Brilliant Diamonds to bring out the brightest and finest in them... about Bling Bling...

Other then that...all the C.Z stones are set with prong Setting that present unique elegance and refined taste... [Miao: I want one....*mouth watering*]

Well...need i say more about it??? Other than that, they uses Japan Quartz Movement , sapphire crystal glass or high density glass(depends on model),Italian calfskin(for leather belt strap),SUS316L stainless steel(for stainless steel strap) and water resistance ... ^^

Oh...ya...All watches also comes with nice box, a warranty card and tag that shows the model of the watch ^^ isn't it nice??

By the way, all Royal Crown watches comes with one
year warranty which includes :

  • Watches internal Movement
  • Battery
  • Water resistances
  • Cubic Zirconia Stones ( replace one to one if it ever falls off)

By: Professor Bear Bear


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