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How To Wear your Buzz Watches

Jupiter Miao Miao Tuesday, August 24, 2010 ,
Hi guys/gals!! Ever since our Buzz watches are selling like Hot Cakes...many customers has come back to us and ask..."How do I wear my leather belt watch?" Many may ask "WHY"??Because the belt strap is Unique...

Okay, lets start!
  • Step 1
 This is how your watch will look like when you 1st received it (I mean the beltStrap)
  • Step 2
 Open it up by pressing the button (Marked wit the red arrow)
  • Step 3
 Notice the end of the buckle (Here comes the tricky part, cos many people didn't notice the buckle can be open)
  • Step 4
 This is how it looks like when the buckle is open.
  • Step 5
 Insert the opened buckle to the other end of the leather belt strap
  • Step 6
 Place the buckle to your desire hole (ohh...sound so wrong :p)  and close it.
  • Step 7
 Your almost done!! This is how it should look like before you wear it.
  • Step 8
 After you wear your watch, just it clip back like this.
  • Step 9
 Tada!!! your done!!! Congratulations...You have Pass the "How to wear your Buzz Watch (leather)" course with flying colours ^^

After you have set your watch to the right size, you dun have to ever repeat all the steps again, and everytime just wear your watch by using only 3 Steps and that will be Step 7 ,8 and 9 ^^ Yeah!! Your ready to Go and have fun with your watch!!!

By: Bear Bear Support Team


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